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back home...

Far too soon...

Well well, here we are back home - and far too soon. Now before some of you start rejoicing in your winnings on wagers placed on how long we would survive on this mission... oh yes, we are very well aware of these wagers going on behind the scenes... and frankly quite dissapointed that we were not given the opportunity to make some cash ourselves... Our thoughts are that 'Jason-the-banker' is secretly fretting that he may lose big!

None-the-less, home is only a temporary stop while Ang flies off to Zambia for two months to help mom renovate her safari lodge - after that its back on the road and the wagers may resume.

It is good to be home though. Its been 4 hrs since driving up the driveway and already we have:
- been telemarketed 3 times
- had altications with the neighbour over a dog-fight
- had the local council office pay us a visit over the said above altication

The last week or so away has been a great introduction to what we hope to experience. During the past few days we did a loop drive of 47kms though the Abercrombie River national park - took us just over 6 hrs including an hour lunch stop
- mostly spent in low range climbing up and down tree-covered ridges and crossing small rivers and streams.
Conversation is getting deeper - we are getting to know each other again and having a real good time forming opinions on all of you guys (love you all...!!). By the end of this trip we will surely have all your relationships well and truly analysed. We could do a per couple report if anyone is interested...?

We did stumble on a few pretty stunning spots and views and even an old mud cottage surrounded by apple trees bearing the sweetest apples which we ate and picked enough for Ang to do an apple crumble on the fire that night for desert - yummy!

The next 2 months will be dedicated to getting ahead with some work and some mods on the car/trailer kit. We have worked out a few areas for improvement or strengthening...

Blogs will be slow until June... thanks for reading along and posting comments.

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1st Blog

1st Blog retyped mmmmm

Ok Calm down Angela...... breathe .... breathe.... it was only my first blog that took you 45 minutes to type that just went into the big www into no-mans land and disappeared, I am so sure it was something that Rod did you know when you can just tell. I did everything right I know it. Anyway let me start again now where was I mmmmmmmmm Oh yes I was just cuddled up in bed last night in the sub zero temperature when my current thoughts started to change into shapes and stories that I would never remember the next morning, and the next thing the mother ship arrived to take Rod back to Mars with a roar like that of a jet engine with beams of light strobing in every direction. I shook my head more than once rubbed my eyes only to see 5 4x4 hiluxes, landcruisers and some other noisy machine pull into our once quiet camp site, and 20 aliens from Sydney between the age of 18 – 25 climb out of the mother ship, I mean 4x4, and disrupt the peace of the hooting owl and jiminey cricket. They proceeded to set up tent with lots ofswearing and beer drinking. It was at that point that I had regretted not charging my ipod where I could at least put some instrumental genre on and fall asleep. With alot of pillow bashing into my head and tossing and turning I eventually fell asleep at 3am......

Ok so what was on the cards this morning..... fishing.... You can’t really call yourself a fisherman when everything you own comes still wrapped in plastic or in a box with the price tag on it and you have to refer to the “Book of Knots” on how to tie a hook onto the end of your fishing line ( I am embarrassed t say that my parents own a fishing Lodge.) Anyway with lots of cursing and sucking of fingers each time a hook went into one – we finally looked the part. Off to the water we go which I might add is 10 steps away. Rod decided that trout like to wait just before the rapids and he was going to catch breakfast there, I figured going a bit further down and finding a trout hole where they will gather in bunches easy for catching was a better idea. (Maybe an expert like Kevin could give us some tips and settle our debate) I might add that the deepest part of the river was only 3 feet and we could both at all times see our bait at the bottom of the river. I watched my bait for 10 minutes; 20 minutes and figured there was not a lot going on in my head to think about and I don’t like the pleasure of my own company so I would go and check out Rod at the beginning of the rapids. I found the bucket which we were going to put all our catch in, and the tackle box, he had either decided to find a place to take a dump or he was looking for deeper water. The latter was correct. I watched him for another 10 minutes and these big fisherman decided 40 minutes was a good enough go, and if the fish did not find us in that time then there was none in the Abercrombie river anyway. I called coffee Rod seconded it and we retreated back to our tent and sat down to an amazing cuppachino thanks to the advise from Val on how to make a good coffee in the middle of absolutely nowhere... Thanks Val

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destination #1... finally

All planning done - time to find if there was enough of it...


Ok, so the first destination was never meant to be too extreme. Just far enough away to be out of range of the local Coles/McCafe/service station. I believe we accomplished that quite well, although we did succumb to a trip into the nearby Oberon for some forgotten supplies and a real coffee.

Who could possibly have predicted rain and sub 10deg temperatures! A great learning experience and we have not resorted to extreme decibels or long solitary bush-walks to re-achieve peace... sense of humour still in tact!!

Speaking of sense of humour... I'll have a go at describing our current surroundings.
Its 8:30PM - Ang and I sitting across a camping table in the lounge area of the tent having recently finished a delicious dinner of quiche and salad (we had indulged on the trip to town...). Opposite the table Ang is sitting, head torch on her head like some alien sewing hundreds of squares of material together in some equally alien project to make a king-size quilt that is sure to take longer than building a plane... Her half of the table is suitably endowed with scraps and miniature sharp tools.

My half of the table is loaded with all sorts of cool things... laptop, wireless router (wireless of course should I choose to move the 2 metres to the other side of the mansion), satellite internet modem, satellite finder, inclinometer and of-course on the other side of the canvas a huge kick-ass satellite dish half the size of the car... Arrgggh!!! The ultimate facebook machine (for work purposes of-course...). And outside, it gets even cooler - trout stream, against the backdrop of tree covered slopes broken by a few cliff-faces going up 300 metres or so. No one else here although we were joined by a school group last night.

So here we are deep in the Abercrombie River national park doing as planned (nothing) and making new lists of what not to forget when we actually get going for real. To get here we had at least one river crossing over the Kowmung river
after visiting Kanangra Walls (thats Sydney in the background 106kms away)
Following tradition

Of-course Ang made new friend

410 steps down to this waterfall at Kanangra Walls (and 410 up to??)

Lessons learned so far:
1. Pack your own clothes
2. Actually read the 'do not forget' lists next time you hit the road
3. Do not assume the temperatures where you are going is the same as where you are now
4. Pack your own clothes
5. Pack your own clothes

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The farewell party on the weekend was fantastic..! Friends and family filled our home with laughter and dance enhanced by the usual overindulgence in all things fattening. Thanks to all who got suckered in to staying over for the big clean-up on Sunday morning after a very welcome greasy Aussie breakfast (thanks Marita, Cath and all their little helpers!!).

Today - the big departure, was to be spent excitedly making our way to our first stop in this adventure (Abercrombie NP just west the NSW Blue Mountains). However, mother nature had other plans, so instead it has been spent packing the final items inbetween downpours while cleaning out storm water drains around the farm to avoid the flood waters floating the furniture out the front door.

So... early to bed and with a little luck, departure date will only be one day late...

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testing... testing

just can't wait to get out there...

Ok, so its time to test this rig we've been putting together for the past two months... It's been a little while since we last camped in the true sense of the term - usually our camping is pretty much just a swag on the ground for an overnighter on a paragliding weekend or mountain bike ride.

Destination... Coolendel with Tania/Paul & Jason/Loleen plus kids... This should be easy - we have great camper that only takes 3 minutes to set up... according to the sales guy...

I never thought we would ever have the need to read the 'how-to' manual from cover to cover before being able to erect a simple 6 pole tent. The only comfort we could take was that even with the help of seasoned camper professionals (Jason/Paul/Tania/Loleen), this simple 3 minute tent has us all face-down in the 'how-to'. Three minutes was to be an hour and a half... We can only improve from here..

Wheeney Creek

Wheeney Creek

The second stop on the 'tester' took us to Lake Glenbawn
just off the Hunter valley via Wheeney Creek near Colo NSW. This gave us an opportunity to do a little off-road work, however quite disappointingly never had the need to lock the front hubs.

One of our dear Aussie mates made the trip even more worthwhile... one spotted tiger quoll joined us in the campsite and then took a swim in the lake - a real treat as you don't get to see these endangered little guys very often.

Spotted Tiger Quoll

Spotted Tiger Quoll


Well now back to the shops with our 'forgotten list' made over the past few days...

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