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lets go spend...!

OK, it would seem its time to stop talking to people - everyone seems have another 'must have' to add to what is becoming a never ending list of 'to buys' and 'to do's'. I'm thinking it's time to simply pack up what we have or can fit and head off. This is meant to be all about simplistic living anyway... isn't it?

None-the-less, we have successfully upgraded what seemed to be a perfectly good 4x4 for the task to something we likely no longer need. So we now have diff-lock (thanks ARB) and of course the compressor should we need to re-inflate tyres (thanks again ARB).. oh yes and now that we are getting all this new kit, it seems it weighs a ton (closer to 2 ton actually), so we now need 'jacked' suspension. So back off to ARB for a set rear airbags and shocks all-round (ARB can start thanking me!!).

Got to find a new shop now as it seems everything at ARB (as nice as it is) is in increments of $1000. So its off to eBay we go. Happily we skipped off to trusty JB HiFi for the 'must have' in car DVD player for non-driver to not have to feel the need to chew the driver's ears off 8 hrs a day (some items are just worth the dollars...).

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the long list of what to buy, what to take and what NOT to take...

... and the winner is...
IMG_0326__Small_.jpg Land Cruiser 76 series 4,5L v8 twin turbo diesel workmate '07. Great condition, 75,000 k's. After driving the Hilux diesel, as nice as it is, the 76 series just feels like it will be up to anything the Aussie Outback can throw at it. Besides, that big kick-ass diesel will easily compensate for any inadequacies I may suffer from...

Next few steps will surely revolve around research and planning the route. The approach will be to pin up a huge map of Aus and then pin all the desired destinations, colour-coded in importance level. Then devise an appropriate route based on that. North in Winter and south in summer.

May need to upgrade those +1,0 specs to +1.5 and get started reading everything we can find and talking to anyone whose ever been touring the world's largest island...

Now just need to convince dad that this does not mean his son is abandoning him... phew!!

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why not..?

Who's idea was this anyway?

'Why the hell not?'.. Ang was demanding, as usual, a definitive, logical reason why I was protesting her latest hair-brain idea. This was pretty usual - she would want to throw caution to wind and get on a plane to somewhere, and I would throwing in the stuff she didn't want to hear like 'responsibilities', 'commitments', and my own personal favourite 'WORK'.

This time I was having some trouble though, responsibilities and commitments were all grown up and leaving home and WORK was no longer a place, but rather something that could be taken anywhere. The real problem I was having though was.... I really... really wanted to do this. This was unchartered teritory for me and I was being swept along as if surfing a tsunami not able to (or wanting to) run for cover.

Within 2 days, hundreds of websites had been scanned, dozens of magazines studied and all the camper showrooms Sydney had to offer had been scrutinised. The winner.... Kimberley Kampers, Unanderra on the South Coast. Deposit paid in haste, all the options boxes ticked (gotta have that diesel powered hot water shower system and MP3 player with surround sound system built in...). This is roughing it... 2011 style!!

Next step... which 4x4...? Has to be Toyota - the only vehicle with spares on tap in the Simpson Dessert (well maybe NEAR the Simpson Dessert). Land Cruiser or Hilux - That is the question..

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