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Well Rod has been nagging me to do a blog as it is my turn, but it is hard to write something after the camel experience there is no coming back from that one, but I will do my best.  I am supposed to write about the visit I had from Tracy and Belinda and I thought what happens on a girls weekend stays on a girls weekend.  Just to let you know that we had a ball, sailing, being invited to a local "jam" session where at one stage we had a 12 piece band playing in some guys shed, jet skiing where there was a close encounter of death and although we were watching a dugong at the time,  the dogong did not try kill us they eat grass, but as you can see all is well the girls made it home safely.


Some useful tips To remember for my next girls weekend, make sure Rod takes his medication  every day so that we do not have an argument through the open back windows of a parked land cruiser as there is nowhere else to scream at each other in a caravan park, and always treasure your friendships cause when your husband has long gone left you, you can always count on your girls to spend the rest of your holiday with you.  

We then we flew home and saw everyone at some old guys 50th where far too much alcohol was consumed, and someone had a penis enlargement, well it was a lot bigger then normal due to some 30 stitches that were still to dissolve, anyway we won't talk too much more about him, just to let you know that Mr Penis is doing fine and although was not put to any useful work when I last spoke to him he was in much better spirits both him and Mr Penis.


After leaving Port Douglas which was a lovely touristy town we headed through the Daintree where we did an 8x8 off road tour through some exquisite tropical rainforest.  This was where we saw one of our most interesting animal encounters, a green tree snake eating a green tree frog.  He almost had it until the frog used every ounce of strength to pull himself out of the snakes throat which he literally did and managed to hook his legs onto the metal shed and back track his whole body out of the snakes mouth.  Unfortunately the snake got the better of him and although the snake almost couldn't  close the frogs legs as they were sticking out of his mouth  in the leap frog position, he decided to put his head in-between two panels on the shed and pull back thus straightening the frogs legs so he could swallow the rest of him.  Still we can all learn a lesson from that never give up but don't be surprised if your luck or strength runs out anyway.


By the time we got to Cape tribulation named by Cpt James Cook as this was where his troubles started, we had had enough of the tourist stuff and needed some space.  We pretty much drove  straight through to Cook Town. This was where Cptn James Cook crashed the Endeavor and had to stay on the beach at Cape York for 48 days which makes Cape York the first Longest European settlement.  We went to the museum which was worth a look they have one of the cannons  and the anchor from the Endeavor of 1770.  The Lions Den Hotel is this amazing pub, and a must stop, you meet the most interesting people there.  The writing on the wall says itnall you just have to have 3days to read it.  Black rock mountain was a huge mountain covered in black rocks, go figure, but the interesting thing about it was the black on the rock was actually black lichen, no trees or grass or shrubs grow on this mountain only the lichen.  After 2 nights in the Big 4 at Cook Town and  snoring from the grey nomads we decided it was time to move on.  We grabbed a few last minute groceries from the IGA headed to the bottle store and I finally decided that I would get a box of cheap wine as this was easy to pack and we did not have to carry empty bottles up the tip.  I get to the counter to pay my $17.00 and the lady informs me that she cannot sell boxed wine until 6 pm and it was only 4.45pm.  I could have purchased copius amounts of any other alchol but not boxed wine, It is against the law, I thought she was joking so I started laughing as I thought she was mocking me because I had bought a cheap box of wine, but apparently not, her register/till would not even scan the bar code until 6pm it was very funny.  So I ended up with no alcohol and now nowhere to buy it and in the middle of  f;$&@9 nowhere.  GREAT!   but I will leave the next adventure to Rod he will remember all the effort he put in winching over sand dunes etc etc. Catch up with you all next time.


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